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    Down and under again

    I am having this wary attitude about what to do next. Words have been said and followed through, as they just keep getting broader and ever more vague to comprehend. Somehow those wise unsolicited advices often touched the reality of what I have been going through but isn’t it no value at all if I still cannot fathom why should I be in this situation.  Changing pathways could have been more easier, but things didn’t go out the way I thought should be, which makes me self-loathe every now and then.. 

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    I like knowing what’s real, yet a whole new set of data come to my attention today that gives rise to self-doubt. I even question whether or not I’m on the right track. My resistance to change could harden into rigidity but this isn’t a sensible strategy, especially if my previous assumptions were wrong. Remaining open to other options doesn’t fix the underlying problem, but it will make my day easier to manage along the way.

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    "Love those who manipulate and use you. Love those who take advantage of you. Love those with malice in their heart. Maintain your love day after day after day, without interruption. If you can love those you are wary of, those who frighten you, those who upset you, and those who threaten you, you will be so free you will not believe you could have known such freedom in this lifetime."

    - D.R. Butler

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    "No need for revenge. Just sit back and wait. Those who hurt who will eventually screw up themselves & if you’re lucky, God will let you watch."

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    "I’m getting a lot better everyday. I should carry on and live each day as it is my last. :) All we need is a little time to put ourselves back together.."

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    A very special place meant to be shared..

    A very special place meant to be shared..

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    Wishful thinking

    I wish I could go back to those days when we were still inseparable and genuinely sweet..  :(

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    "As humans, we feel the necessity to move, that is- from one point of our lives to the next. We cannot remain stagnant for we do not live in a world of constancy."

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    "the biggest problem with rarely being called pretty is you become entranced with the first guy who does. and you start to lose yourself. why? because for a brief, fleeting moment.. he made you feel special. he made you feel wanted. he made you feel pretty."

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